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Hiya Holotable Heroes!

You may of seen some subtle changes round the forums lately- most notably the title of our usual Game Updates. For the sake of further clarity to our Players, we'll be implementing a whole new method of providing Game Updates on the forums. This should do the following:
  • Let Players know what is coming in a clearer fashion
  • Adopt a new language to better understand Game Updates overall

While Game Updates will still only be posted in their corresponding area <<HERE>> Going forward, instead of simply seeing "Game Update 7/26/2017" as we are all accustomed to, these updates will be titled in the corresponding fashion (along with the appropriate date). NOTE: Content Updates should only require a client restart whereas Version Updates require an update from the App Store.

For the current status of any Game Updates, please see the Game Update Status post.

These are the game updates you know and love! This will include the usual fare:
  • Bug fixes, Packs, Bundles, Shop rotations, Events, Characters, etc
  • Example: Content Update mm/dd/yyyy
  • Patches
  • Mini updates to recurring events and content
  • Newsletters, reheats
  • Example: Content Update[HF] mm/dd/yyyy
  • Entirely new content in game (Raids, Ships, Territory Battles, etc)
  • Example: Version Update mm/dd/yyyy

  • Prepping
  • Working
  • Delay
  • Finalizing
  • Live
Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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