Gear requirement for 2% in haat?

Hey! We (driven) are going to attempt our first haat in a day or two & I was curious what kind of gear is needed for someone to do 2% in a given phase. I was just wanting to get a ballbark figure because mods & team composition obviously have a impact & so i expect it varies. Any input/info is appreciated.
Here is what I was thinking about using:

Zvader, sidious, boba, Znihilus, tarkin (or ee?)
Hk47, ig88, ig86, je, nebit

Chirpa, palpatine, rg, st han, sun fac
Teebo, tfp, jawa, jawa scavenger, dathcha
Lumi, qgj, ahsoka, yoda, mace (i need to farm other jedi in the fure)

Zcody, echo, fives, clone serg, leia
Wedge, biggs, lando, r2, phasma


  • Dretzle
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    Gear 11

    If you can't manage that, start at gear 10.

    Chirpa is one of the few that can stand to be low gear. Phase 2: EE over Tarkin. Tusken Shaman over Boba.
    Zylo might work at gear 10, but you may have a harder time of it.
  • crzydroid
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    You'll hit your 2%, especially if you're one of the Zylos.

    That may not be enough, if a lot of your guild isn't hitting that.
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