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I like many, am hyped about territory battles and all that is about to come. But there are still a lot of things out there that are kind of annoying and have been left alone for too darn long.

The big thing: ships. I like ships a lot more than most, but this system is kinda bad. We have millions of fleet credits but nothing to spend on them. There are ships that have been in packs since their release (the millennium falcon, TIE reaper, Kylos shuttle, etc.). There isn't really much to do with ships, only arena (most only do it for zetas) and challenges (ooh yay I beat it now I never have to do the battle again). There are also annoying things that should have been fixed/added a long time ago (not being able to select a certain ship at some angles) and the fact that there are no separatist, first order, or resistance capital ships.

Now on to factions and the fun stuff. Ewoks are fun, but how many people were begging for an ewoks pass? I know this is a diverse community and blah blah blah. And it seems that this august is te month of rebels, with Luke as log in toon, and hoth leia/Han in territory battles. There are factions that people beg to be worked on daily, like the separatists, the bounty hunters, the nightsisters, and the clones.

Then there's the last thing. This constant feeling of waiting and waiting for certain things that need to / should happen, and they don't. Yay R2... yay thrawn... yay ewoks... yay some info about stuff... yaaaaaayy...... I usually don't moan about stuff but yeah....... and I suppose I'm being pessimistic (and things really aren't as bad as I make them seem) but I think it's time for at least some confermation on some things that people have been asking for for a few months now, or at least that they're being heard. I'm looking forward to territory battles, but im just worried things aren't happening that need to.

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