How to recover my account on another device?

I have recently change my smartphone and download the app in the new device. What now?
I used to play using a google play account on android. I wrote down my user id just in case
Thanks in advance for any help


  • Click on the circular gear symbol in the top left of the screen when you're in the game. That should take you to a bunch of options. One of them is to log in to Google Play. It should restore your game when you do that.
  • Not possible yet if you're moving from Android to IOS. Gud luck Fam! B)
  • tower72
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    Wrong Jay-Cube. They now allow account swapping between iOS and Android. Ya need to contact EA and have them do it for you. I did it 2 months or so ago and what they did was change my iOS ID(which was new), to what my Android one was /(which has been around since release). It took about 3 weeks or so but I now have the same ID for Android as I do iOS :D cheers
  • Done. Thank you all.
  • See3yo
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    I wanted my old account the one that was on my old iPhone but I tried deleting and downloading Star Wars again but it won’t give the acount I had the first time a Downloaded it the first time on my new phone and old phone. And I don’t have my user ID I also tried going on a different gamecenter too.
  • You have to create new account. I had the same issue when changed my Huawei to Sony...
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