Weekly Toon Idea: Geonosian Scout

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I noticed that Geonosians have had redone pics. Who else has had redone pics? E woks got some to go with their faction pass, that's who! And to support my theory further some suspicious shards are popping up in Fleet shipments(hello 2 sets of Geonosian Soldier). So if this faction pass were to work we need one more Geonosian. So without further ado:

Geonosian Scout(Geonosian, Separatist, Support)

Scouting Jab(Basic): Deal Physical Damage to target ally and inflict offense down. Geonosian has 15% chance to gain 25% ™ for each living Geonosian or Separatist ally.

For the Hive(Special): Take 5-10% current health from Geonosian Scout and target ally and deal special damage equal to 2× the amount taken to all enemies. If target ally is Geonosian Geonosian Scout and target ally have 35% chance to gain HoT for 1 turn. (Cooldown:4)

Safe to Attack(Special): Dispel all Debuffs on all allies and applies Susceptibility for 2 turns. Call 2 Geonosian allies to assist. Zeta: Call all Geonosian allies to assist. (Cooldown: 6)

The Hive’s Bravest(Unique): Geonosian Scout gains has 25% chance to gain 10%™. Zeta: and cannot die if there is a living Geonosian ally.

It’s a little overpowered, but Geonosians need some help.
As always May the Force be with you, God Bless, and Farewell.
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