Ventress should be a bounty hunter too

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edited August 2017
*minor spoilers*

Firstly, this just makes sense lore-wise. It's canon that after her revenge scheme fails and the Night sisters are wiped out, Ventress becomes a bounty hunter. In fact, it's fair to say that Ventress spent more time as a bounty hunter than as a night sister. So why one tag and not the other?

This also just makes sense game wise. Boba and other bounty hunters love a good debuff (detonators in particular) but tenacity up is a pain. Just makes sense that hunters would get a consistent buff clearer on their side. She's no B2, but between strike fear and rampage, it's clear that Ventress was designed for this.

Also, she'd be the first non-scoundrel bounty hunter, and that's just really darn nifty.

+1s would be appreciated. If it reaches developer eyes, it could be something for them to consider - especially since it would be such a simple QoL change.
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