Killing me softly


This game is killing me softly. (Pictured is what I assume the Devs/EA look like)

I love it, but it's been months and months of slow death. The Rebel faction is out of control.

Chaze if still the most annoying thing about this game. I see team comprised of them WAY too much (I'm on a launch shard and they are still everywhere).

More and more rebels continue to hit the game when NO ONE is asking for them (outside of JEDI Luke). Even when we get dark side faction passes Rebels come with them.

The Ewok event/pass was ok, but didn't stall my decline. I see the potential of similar events in the future but yeah.

Bounty Hunters

Those factions needs some help rather than more Rebels but this game is constantly pushing more and more out. AT LEAST three more are coming with Territory Battles (whenever that comes) which will put Rebels over 2 to 1 ratio to Empire, which I believe is the second largest faction.

It's tiresome and making the game feel more like a task than actual fun. Just my two cents. I hope we get some good news soon.
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  • But Star Wars is all about a rebellion.....

    Ps:I am a dark side fan so don't have most rebels and hardly ever used them in arena but it's still fun to destroy rebellions and keep the dark side on top ^_^
  • Nikoms565
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    TofuMao wrote: »
    But Star Wars is all about a rebellion.....

    I'm just going to say this (again...for probably the 1,643rd time) - this is a Star Wars GAME at a holotable in a cantina - not a Star Wars simulation. Things that make the game fun are more important than it perfectly emulating the Star Wars universe. This fact is obvious when you realize that a team comprised of Rebel pilots can crush a team of Jedi. That should also be the case in terms of faction playability and viability.

    While don't agree completely with the OP, I certainly understand his point and can fully understand why he feels that way. The Rebel faction has been crammed down everyone's throats for months, while other factions - some very close to viable - sit on the sidelines....still.
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    I think there is a lot more variety in the meta since R2 and Thrawn. I'm seeing a lot of older characters making a comeback and there are plenty of annoying squads to fight, not all of them with Chaze.
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