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    Swap Veers and Thrawn for DK and GK (cleanse, back-up crit immunity, squad retaliation) and u have a top 10 team.

    Dk? Give me a break.

    Remove thrawn?!?? He is one of the best characters in the game.

    I'm glad he didn't listen to your suggestions.
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    Swap Veers and Thrawn for DK and GK (cleanse, back-up crit immunity, squad retaliation) and u have a top 10 team.

    It's already a top ten team and I try not to use GK, Rex, Nihilus, or Chaze. They're just so boring and over used.

    Have you tried zfost in place of veers?

    Just bcuz Thrawn is 1 of the best toons in the game atm, doesn't mean he's best for this comp. Yes DK. I suppose u think Veers adds more 2 the 2 other troopers than DK would do for DT ? What r u new ? Or just a meta fanboi ? The extra crit damage and tm that DK would feed DT far exceeds what Veers can do and his damage and debuffs r superior by far.

    GK giving the whole squad retribution and a group cleanse will shut the opponent down far faster than Thrawn under a Gar lead. But hey, what do I know. Only place 1st daily on a launch shard and have NEVER been meta.

    And then u suggest FOST ? U must b joking. U r in no place to criticize. If u can't add something intelligent to the conversation or see past "O lemme use the most powerful meta toons, they gotta b better", then u really shouldn't b posting at all.


    There are many paths to enlightenment, brother. Veers and Thrawn can be a very effective combo. I also recently pulled DN and GK from my lineup because I’m just sick of seeing them everywhere.

    Thank you for sharing this @BrtStlnd

    I have tried incorporating Zeers into my Thrawn lead but have always been disappointed.

    This comp did the trick.

    I switched DK and Tarkin out for Zeers and Storm. Man, can this squad take some damage!

    In my previous attempts I was trying to work Snow into the mix and while the DPS isn't nice, the squad still went down to quickly and Snow's AOE just fills Rex teams TM bars.
  • I know I'm necroing but I love Garr Saxon second to general Kenobi
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    are this vids supposed to be arena? srs q. mbn tho
  • ?
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  • This is not mine but it's a screen shot of really high powered guy. 7askmeppc2p7.png
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  • works ok for me . If I want I can hunt NS teams and hit top 100-50 but it's a quick drop back down
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    my bad, saw that it is. mbn
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