Character Strategy: Commander Luke Skywalker



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    Your idea doesn't really work out though - older players usually have a much bigger advantage regardless of faction.

    Where do they have an advantage? I'm not fighting players in older shards in arenas, and in raids, yeah older players in my guild get higher scores but it still helps me because if I was in a guild full of new players I wouldn't have any heroic completions under my belt.
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    I am a casual launch player and have 7* jedi but can farm most characters at need (only need OB for this event and he is on his way).

    Most of my guild have 7* clones, ewoks, Resistance, FO because they all have a use somewhere (except ewoks, they had their 5 seconds of possible meta before being outshone).

    Who cares? Everyone will get there given enough time. My issue is the path to get there...
    Massov wrote: »
    Just because an OP character exists doesn't mean a newbie should drop everything for them - if you threw everything into a 7* Phoenix team straight away for Thrawn then you would suffer later on. And Thrawn is the most OP character to date.

    Which this is essentially what I dislike. What is the obvious path to easy farming in this game? I'm on a fairly new shard so I saw it evolve first hand. Start off with Lando/StH/Boba. All good toons for arena early on and needed for credit heists. From there...probably Wiggs to round off your arena squad with the above 3, or maybe Wiggs/Chaze +1 depending on your resources. Now Lando/Boba/StH can pretty much cover your credit heists, you have a good arena squad, and can unlock EP when he pops up. After EP you need 4 more empire for've already got the StH covered...that is 2/5 of what you need for CLS.

    So essentially Lando/StH/Boba/Wiggs/4 empire, then hit Leia would be farming10 toons that get you EP, R2, and 3/5 of the way to CLS. Why would you instead farm maybe 5 clones and 5 ewoks early on when following another sequence unlocks you several awesome characters? It would be really nice if they didn't have such an obvious order of how you should be farming things that accomplishes nothing other than punishing people for not wanting to follow the mold. It doesn't take a skilled player or a genius to figure that out.

    I just think it'd be better if more of the squads that unlock essentially nothing right now unlocked more stuff, so that way we see some more diversity. Its not going to matter on launch shards where people have huge rosters anyhow, but it certainly would be nice for newer shards so we all aren't expected to follow the same farm path or get left behind.
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