Trouble with Guilds

I was in a guild for quite some time and the leader stopped launching guilds and even cancelled the one we're halfway through.

So I came to the forms to find a nice guild that is looking for members. I was kicked out no more then 12 hours later. I rejoined to ask what was up and got no response. Now I am locked out from joining a guild.

This is frustrating and I don't know what to do. How long will it be before I can try again.

Also one thing to note when I re joined the guild it said I left, not was removed by such and such. If this is a a bug that somehow made me leave the guild, I am really upset!


  • VinnyG
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    You will be allowed to join another guild after 24 hours from leaving your last one.
  • TyloRen
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    Gonna move this to the correct section of the forum, and where there should be plenty of guilds for you to choose from for your next guild.
  • If you're looking for a guild that's fair, and won't remove you, I have a spot for you!
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  • NoobSaibot12321
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    Allot of people already hit me up for guild, I just hope it goes better this time around. I am currently trying to find my own ideas about what guild suits me best. I have allot of 7* T9+ but allot of them aren't what would be considered the best. Right now my Phoenix squad is my best raid group but have nothing else that shows any promise. Arena rank is bad, ships are bad, ect.

    Of course my CD on joining a guild is most likely at least 18 hours away. Also timing is bad I will have work for 10 hours right when I can join a guild. Depends how many machines I will be running if I can log on during work. So I plan on joining a new guild Thursday night PST or Friday morning. Ally code: 151593668. I play every day but haven't ever tried to do 600 tickets daily even though I assume it would probably be easy.
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