Character Strategy: Princess Leia

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Princess Leia

BASIC: Hair Trigger
  • Upgrade 7 now grants "+10% Damage" instead of "+5% Damage"
  • Omega upgrade now grants "+15% Multi-Attack Chance" in addition to previous bonus of "Add 50% chance to gain 10% Turn Meter"

SPECIAL: Rebel Tactics
  • Ability reworked
  • Fully upgraded, now reads: "Leia gains Stealth and Critical Damage Up for 3 turns and gains 50% Turn Meter. If Leia already had Stealth, she also gains Offense Up and Foresight for 3 turns and gains double Turn Meter."

UNIQUE: Against All Odds
  • Upgrade path reworked, and gained a new ZETA upgrade: "+45% Chance to Heal and whenever Leia attacks she recovers 5% Protection"
  • Fully upgraded, now reads: "Whenever Leia attacks, she has a 55% chance to grant all allies Critical Chance Up for 2 turns, and recovers 5% Health and 5% Protection."

  • We know the frustration of getting only one attack out of Leia, so we've increased Princess Leia’s chance to double and triple attack on basic.
  • Leia always gets Stealth, Critical Damage Up, and Turn Meter now from “Rebel Tactics”, and if she is already Stealthed, she gains doubled Turn Meter, Offense Up, and Foresight. This change pairs perfectly with R2. A tip of the hat to the New Hope movie moments that we all remember.
  • She fits perfectly alongside a Luke Lead combined with different combinations of the other New Hope Reworks.
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