More time for R2 please?

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Can we please please have more time for the R2 event, to have a better chance at a 7* R2 for the upcoming Hero's Journey? Even a couple more days would help a lot of us. Just to be clear, this is not a complaint, but an earnest request. Thanks so much in advance!
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  • Since I can't do any of the events because I'm shy of one char I don't really care about it, but I understand that there are players who would really appreciate having some more time for R2D2. Maybe a very early xmas gift ;)
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  • Revi
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    R2 is easy to get... and already was released earlier than expected... even 1 minute is too much time for this event
  • Nedus
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    I think the time is just right as it is. And it's already the second time it comes out, not the first. Players who have a strategy should have been ready for r2 at least one month ago
  • Waqui
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    10 days? And it's the second time around. What more do you need?
  • Kyno
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    This comes up every time a Legendary event is launched.

    Sorry to say they don't change the times on these events. We have all been there many of us missed the first/second yoda and/or palp events. It's ok.
  • Izza
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    While I'm truely happy for those who have R2 and all other toons required for CLS already at 7*, I started this thread on behalf of those who were farming Empire for R2 but going to fall short due to the quick notice (obviously including myself). I didn't get Yoda or EP first time around, and I had no issue with that. I farmed Phoenix for Thrawn and got him first time. However, this is the first time a Legendary toon has been made specifically required for another event, and at 7*. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. R2 came sooner than expected, which is great. But there are many with one or two Empire toons missng a star or two. I think it's fair to ask for a slightly better chance at R2, so we can have a chance at CLS. Besides, who's getting hurt by extending R2 event by a couple of days? I'm not asking for a freebie here. Just a bit more time to finish the farms.
  • I had been farming Empire in part with the long-term goal of getting r2, but honestly a good part of it was just because I didn't have a complete squad and I wanted to be able to finish all the Mod challenges. It's not that I wasn't thinking about r2, it's just that I assumed I would be using my squad for the Mod challenge long before I had a chance to use it for the r2 event.

    But by the time the event came around, I had 4 x 7* empire, with Magma at 6* + 98/100. I could have finished Magma a couple weeks earlier, but I was wondering if I could save 400 tokens by waiting for single shards to drop in GW.

    So I had my team together ... but gear? no. Palp at g9, Vader at g8, TFP g8, Magma g7 & Tarkin g6. Worse, Palp, TFP, Magma & Tarkin all needed Mk3 Holos.

    I'm 5 Stun Gun salvage from Vader => g9. I'm just a few thermal detonators from Palp => g10. I'm 35 Mk3 Holo salvage combined to get Magma => g8 and Tarkin => g7.

    So, yeah, I should have a team with g10, g9, 2x g8, and g7 by monday or so, maybe earlier if I get more Holos in the fleet store. But then I'll need at least 2 x Fusion Furnaces to get TFP and Magma to g9. Not sure about advancing Vader and Palp.

    I think I should be able to get Tarkin up to g8 pretty easily, if he doesn't require too many of the same things other people already need. but g10, g9, 3x g8 is a pretty iffy squad to try for 7* r2.

    I'm definitely one of those people who is on the cusp. I might do it. Maybe with enough tries I'll get good RNG on Palp's AoE stun and TFP's AoE buff immunity so I can ignore STHan & Chewie. But it's really hard to know. And then, even if I can get 7* r2 ... can I gear up r2 before I need him for CLS?

    yeah, it's going to be tight if I make it at all.

    Not that I'm asking for more days. There's no way I'm going to get multiple toons to g11 or anything, and there has to be a limit, and they already gave 9 days for the r2 event instead of 7 (so there's your extra couple days, I guess). So I'll get take my g10 Palp, g9 Vader, g9/8 TFP, g8 Magma and g8/7 Tarkin and roll the dice. Hey, I could get lucky, right?
  • Izza
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    @MasterSeedy You should be able to do the last tier with that squad, good luck!
  • Thanks, Izza! Every little bit of encouragement helps.
  • Izza
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    Be afraid not, with you the force is! I'm doing 5 cantina refreshes a day trying to make this happen
  • Best of luck, Izza. I'm burning through a couple Cantina refreshes a day on Old Ben, but I had him at 5* before this, so I'm in good shape with him. Should have him 6* sometime tomorrow... and I don't need him up to 7* until the end of the CLS event, so I probably have 10-15 days or so.
  • How about a couple days of double drops to help finish our empire teams?
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