How have strong guilds kept the tank raid fun and competitive?

My guild started a Heroic Tank raid and in less than an hour and a half, we were 25% into P3 and only 20 members had participated in the raid at that point.

I was driving and so missed P1 and P2. It happens but as time goes by I think it will be increasingly difficult to get hits on all Phases.

Any advice?

Currently, my guild launches tank at 11:00 am and the first three phases are a free for all.
P4 doesn't open until 24 hours after the raid is launched.


  • Kyno
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    Moved to correct sub forum.

    One of the guilds in our alliance runs each phase for 10 hours, that helps everyone get in and I think they rotate so each phase is at a different time each launch.
  • Gaidal_Cain
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    How is Feedback: guilds the correct subforum?

    To me, feedback is where people make threads about feedback or suggestion s they have...

    There is currently no sub forum for raids otherwise if would have posted this there.

  • Kyno
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    feedback is for both player facing and Dev facing discussions.

    Your title suggested more of a guild prospective over a raid perspective which is why i moved it here.
  • Zaraos
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    How we do it is the following. We kill Phase 1, Then 30 Mins 0 damage (For the big teams on P2 to avoid Bad RNG) Then we kill p2. Then 24 Hours 0 damage, Then we kill P3, Then 30 mins 0 damage before p4, and then we drop it. This way everyone has a chance to restart a couple of times on p2 and p4 as a lot of the strong teams rely heavily on RNG.
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