How to beat zQGJ teams?

Combos between..
zQGJ, GK, zzR2, zYoda, zBarriss, Ezra, JKA

I cannot for the life of me find a combo to beat these teams. In fact I can't kill a single toon. I can beat literally any meta team besides these Jedi teams. It is extremely frustrating. I run mostly Sith and have run many different combos between..
zMaul, zNihilus, zSavage, zSid, SAss, SithT, B2, Chaze.
Sith are supposed to be anti-jedi but these teams are more anti-sith then the other way around. But there must be some way around them. What's even funnier is a guild mate on my shard runs zQGJ team and he says he hates facing my Sith Team. So what am I doing wrong? Or what toon can I throw into a mostly Sith setup to help without running a completely different team? Thanks!


  • B2 is your best counter to them. Use an AoE from someone other than B2 to get rid of foresight, then use B2 to clear any remaining buffs. Kill Kenobi first, then anakin, yoda, ezra. It also helps a lot if you can stun or get ability block on Kenobi. I can beat them with my droids, so you shouldn't have a problem :)
  • Baze and B2 is a great combination, especially if zYoda is present. Every time foresight spread happens (and if zYoda spreads T-Up and foresight) Baze gains massive TM; when the Jedi dodge his dispel, B2 is almost guaranteed to take his turn, dispelling buffs and laying Buff Immunity.
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