How to beat zQGJ teams?

Combos between..
zQGJ, GK, zzR2, zYoda, zBarriss, Ezra, JKA

I cannot for the life of me find a combo to beat these teams. In fact I can't kill a single toon. I can beat literally any meta team besides these Jedi teams. It is extremely frustrating. I run mostly Sith and have run many different combos between..
zMaul, zNihilus, zSavage, zSid, SAss, SithT, B2, Chaze.
Sith are supposed to be anti-jedi but these teams are more anti-sith then the other way around. But there must be some way around them. What's even funnier is a guild mate on my shard runs zQGJ team and he says he hates facing my Sith Team. So what am I doing wrong? Or what toon can I throw into a mostly Sith setup to help without running a completely different team? Thanks!


  • Baze and B2 is a great combination, especially if zYoda is present. Every time foresight spread happens (and if zYoda spreads T-Up and foresight) Baze gains massive TM; when the Jedi dodge his dispel, B2 is almost guaranteed to take his turn, dispelling buffs and laying Buff Immunity.
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