Shard: Cduck, SF JarJarBinks, Kai Mason, Kanan, Force Vampire, 6The6Bull6, Antediluvian, Bones, etc

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So, I found out that this arena shard does have a discord chat, but they only accept those who can place top 10 at their payout. Since I think that's kitten as many who are currently lower ranks would like to cooperate to avoid being bumped at payout, or to avoid bumping others at their payout I have created a shard discord chat for the rest of us that the top 10 are locking out. You don't need to be ranked high to join, just reply here or message me and I'll send you an invite link. I'm usually ranked in the top 50, have cracked top 30 once but am working on moving up higher and I think the more of us cooperating with each other the better.
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