Whale calling it quits



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    Hello Mr. Whale,

    1st) The game is just a couple of months old. You decided to spend like crazy. I bet a lot more people did. By EA and developer's side, since you spent so much (top 10 grossing mobile game) the game has been deemed a huge success. There's nothing need to be changed if the money is rolling. If you wanted changes, maybe you should have spent less and asked for more.

    2nd) EA has been voted as the worst American company multiple times. You mentioned you own a manufacturing company. Would you trust to spend money in a company with that bad reputation for materials? I guess not.

    3rd) You said you don't bother with other games, but haven't you checked prices of console/PC games and compare them with this game's packs? Full games cost half the price of 1 pack in this game. Have you seen how much hate a console game attracts if it's priced a bit higher than 50$ ?

    4rd) It's a mobile game. Mobile games = grind. Mobiles = tap/swipe and no multiple buttons. They were made for mobiles, because their purpose is to waste your time when you are "on the way" and not on home. If you need games with serious/ non-repetitive gameplay, you should seek PC/console games.

    You got outplayed by EA mate.
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