Game update status terms

Hey, i was just wondering about the terms used on the update page before it goes live. Right now it is at 'Working on Content Update' for example. I think I saw 'Finalizing update' listed at some point for a previous update. I can't remember if there were any other though. Does anyone have info to share on this process?


  • Jenojo
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    They update it when they're at different stages. The one you want to see is prepping for update as that means it's really close to release.
  • Kind of makes you wish you had made different choices with your life. I'd love to be at a company making Star Wars games AND not giving a kitten about getting my work done "on time." I mean, what kind of deadlines do they even have? None.

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  • scuba
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    the important part is the type of update.
    These are the game updates you know and love! This will include the usual fare:
    • Bug fixes, Packs, Bundles, Shop rotations, Events, Characters, etc
    • Example: Content Update mm/dd/yyyy
    • Patches
    • Mini updates to recurring events and content
    • Newsletters, reheats
    • Example: Content Update[HF] mm/dd/yyyy
    • Entirely new content in game (Raids, Ships, Territory Battles, etc)
    • Example: Version Update mm/dd/yyyy

    other then posted/released all the other stuff just means they are in some form working on it
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