Strategy question: How to spend (or save) my credits

So, I decided that I was not going to spend a fortune on this Jedi event realizing it would be back again, soon from what I hear. I decided to do what I could in the event this time, and pick up next time. So with that, I've earned a bunch of credits doing that. Would it be wiser to level up the toons to start being more competitive in PvP, or save a good amount for when I can 7* Lumi and 6* JC in the near future (maybe a week)?
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  • I'd secure your GW team first as that is a steady flow of credits. Then your arena team, especially if you can compete and hold top 10 as that is crystals.

    I'm not sure when the event will return as the post wasn't clear. Once you have all of your main heroes at 70 and promoted you'll save crystals naturally but if you're anything like me you'll never catch up on promotion costs.
  • Good to know! I'm still unsure if its wiser to level up first, or promote star level.

    I'm not too worried about when the event returns, but when it does just want to be sure I'm ready. Plenty of time to get there.

    Right now I'm doing Well in GW minus one or two bad days here and there. Did some leveling today and still banking over 1M credits. Kinda burning a hole in my pocket lol
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
  • I wasted my credits starring (4), leveling and gearing poe from scratch after the misleading update notes were posted. I am broke. Fully updating a new toon is very expensive.
  • I had a similar problem for a bit but found I was using the credits more and more when I hit a wall in GW to star up characters that needed an extra boost.
  • Well my advice is to spend credits on your main team and then hoard as much as you can for when they increase the level cap. The good thing about hoarding is that if you change your mind then you can spend it on whatever you want. I believe ea made the decision to make it 5 Jedi at each star level to get yoda because they wanted players to spend whatever credits they have saved up (for most probably between 2-7M) and since people are obsessed with yoda and most don't have more than 2 Jedi leveled or starred up, it will cost them easily 5M+ of credits to get yoda then when everyone is in the poorhouse they will raise the level cap and people will have a much harder time leveling even once they do get to 71 or 72.

    As a result, people will pay crystals to get credit packs and pay money to get crystals. Some may call me a conspiracy theorist but if I had listened to my instincts when I saw the red data card ea have to us, I would have another 10M credits saved up. Instead, I have five four star Jedi which i will take to five star becuase I want to unlock yoda but there's no way I'm wasting another 5M credits or more just to get yoda seven star when credits have essentially become gold in this game. However you choose to spend your credits, do it very wisely because a Great Depression is coming once the level cap hits.
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