Go ahead, ignore me, I will keep posting how broken this game is.

As usual rancor freezes after I beat a phase, no actions yo use, rancor just sits there swaying. So let's add this to the things I can't do and have been telling you since February 2016 and you continue to ignore cause it's not profit content.
Can't use hk47 lead despite him being maxed-game crashes
Can't do any battle or training in ships unless it's simmed-game crashes
Can't beat a phase in rancor battle-gamr crashes
Roughly 50% of my arena battles crash before loading or during battle
Game crashes after completing almost every single galactic war battle.
Spent 699 crystals on rebel pack, game crahsed, took my crystals, gave me nothing in return and have not heard anything back despite two open tickets and a purchase review.
Let me ask you EA. Are you proud of this game. Is this the quality that you look for when hiring employees. This is shameful and embarrassing.
Don't worry, I Wil post again.


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