Praise the sun for some jolly co-op!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away in a place named Loridian a group of Bros harnessed the power of the sun to fight darkness. They joined forces and traveled throughout the land slashing evil side by side. Now our warriors of light have come to the SWGOH universe and wish to battle with you.
Join "I SunBros I" for some jolly co-op!

We’re a small but growing guild of friends. Most people are new-ish to the game making our average level somewhere between 55-75. We are working towards having great squads and daily raids. We are doing so in the true SunBros way, by helping each other out.

Our only requirements are that we ask you to participate in the game and be friendly. Most of us are US based if that matters to you. So join us, make friends, level up, raid, complete challenges and….
Praise the Sun!

(You don’t need to get the SunBros references to join :)

Add our leader Trevor Skye, or search us "I SunBros I" (those are capital i's), and you’ll get an invite: 647-297-848



  • Monday bump.
  • Friendly Guild with active members.

    Anyone looking for a friendly place to learn the game and find good guildmates should check them out.
  • I am very thankful to this guild, they have helped me to return to the game after a 2-year hiatus.I am a noob by current standards, since the game has changed a lot compared to November-December 2015.
    ImperialCommanderShepard in SWGoH (Ally Code 297-277-437)

    lOGRLCl CommanderShepard in HoDA

    Find our Guild here:

  • We currently have a few openings in our super friendly guild. We encourage theory-crafting, debating about squad and fleet compositions, and we fully support our players when they first unlock Territory Battles and Territory Wars.

    We ask our players to do the following basic tasks, an endeavor which helps everybody:

    - Get your daily 600 tickets (Usually, playing all your nat refills and one refill will be enough)
    - Keeping daily activities in mind (i.e: Ligh Side Battles day, Dark Side Battles Day, PvP attempts day, etc)
    - If you can get a toon to 7 stars ASAP, you will collect pretty nice rewards in Heroic raids

    As you can see, these requirements help you as a progressing player as much as they help the team.

    Perks for joining the SunBros!
    - I have never seen a guild with more generous gear donations.
    - Real life is important, if you go missing for a few days and communicate with the guild officers, nobody is going to kick you out.
    - When raids are started, there is a good time window for all members to join in and get prizes, regardless of how powerful or relatively weak your roster might be.
    - We don't have requirements that would distinguish between paying players or free players. We are all equal and the camaraderie between guild members is considered very important.
    - We have different ways to communicate and coordinate: Line, Discord and the in-game chat.

    Praise the Sun!!
    ImperialCommanderShepard in SWGoH (Ally Code 297-277-437)

    lOGRLCl CommanderShepard in HoDA

    Find our Guild here:

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