Does GAT's "Fracture" make that character target-able through another characters taunt?

I am not sure if this is bug or not please someone help me verify...

I was having an arena match against a Rex meta team (Rex, DN, GK, R2D2, and Thrawn) with my Commander Luke team (CLS, GK, R2D2, RH, and Thrawn) my Raid Han Solo used his "shoots first" ability on Rex which obviously gives Rex team extra turn-meter in beginning of the match with crits. Next turn his Thrawn fractures my RH and during the fracture damage my General Kenobi gained taunt because GAT had a crit. What I thought would happen after is my opponents characters would only be able to attack GK directly (unless using DPS damage abilities) because he has taunt but instead my opponents characters targeted and hit my RH through GK taunt with basic attacks and single target abilities... Is this what fracture does to a character it effects they can be targeted though another character has a taunt? I faced the opponent twice to make sure I wasn't making this up but it happened both times. Can someone please explain how this happened so I can know if this is a bug or not.
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