The Galactic Uprising [TGU]~38/50 people, need more active players!

Hello! Thank you for coming to this post. We're a midcore guild (LV80+) that has been doing the heroic pit for about 3 months or so now. Please be active every day. We've also been doing the T6 Tank Takedown raid. We really would like to expand more to be able to start earning General Kenobi shards. As far as daily raid tickets go, if you provide us with at least 450/600 a day, we're square. That's doing your daily energy and all refreshes at most. Very simple! However we do of course ask you provide a full 600 if possible.

We also need more people for when the Rebel Officer Leia event for when that comes out. The more people we have for when that event comes out, the more shards we can all earn! As far as absentee policy, I leaned on a two week no show policy before. However with the amount of people we have now,I'm leaning towards a week. If you let me or another officer know you will be gone, we'll be happy to work with you!

We also have a discord available for better communication! Come help us become better at the game and become better yourself as well!

Our discord link if you'd like to join or have further questions is

My ally code is 649-176-814

P.S. However, my ally list is about full, so you can send the invite and I can bring you in but I'll only be able to accept one ally! :)

The Galactic Uprising
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