Is your Galactic War too hard? Here is some help.



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    Seems like those going through GW today are tortured with Bastila and the like, and zetas on Node 4? The team I faced on node 4 this morning was level 76 and nobody better than G9.

    It isn't something particular to node 4. It happens on all of the nodes. My son's level 57 account had a G8 squad at node 12 which was over twice his top 5 power.(19K vs 42K) He stood no chance, even with his roster depth.

    Edit: And if it was a properly powered Bastila team, it wouldn't be as bad. A pain sure, but you would at least be competing on somewhat equal ground.
  • I'm a F2P and have been playing for about six months. If you can build a fairly strong Jedi team led by Bastila Shan, just keep farming for her! When the Jedi Yoda event comes around get him. Five Jedi's as much as you can maximize them and you should be able to. My layout to get him was Consular, Ashoka, Mace Windu, Kannan Jarrus, and Bastila Shan. Farm those through shipments, hard light/dark side clears and Cantina. Even without Yoda you can clear galaxy war. Once you get him it's galaxy war over. Use Bastila's buff on Yoda then use Yoda's team buff. Just watch out for Boba Fett. His ability one shots buffed toons. You don't want Yoda to die cause he hits like a ten ton hammer! This team also crushes arena. My team power is only 50k and I can take down 70k+ phoenix teams. Hope this helps clearing galaxy war and squad arena!
  • This post is actually incorrect. The galactic war nodes is only initially based on your best 5. You can whittle down the GP of your average Galactic War matches, and make the final squad useless. I posted a longer post elsewhere, but this gist is this:

    Try to win the final battle with the lowest possible GP squad you can. I currently use 2 characters, and go up against gear level 8/9 squads even though I have quite a few at 12 or higher. I tested this method over time and lowered the GP pretty consistently. I have now won the last couple hundred without even having to check and see if I'm surviving on auto.


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