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I know I promised me to never do such a thing, but here I am.

I'm lost in this game. I've got several toons gear 8 to 10, no g11 but I could and I'm lost in what I could do right now since I don't know what TB could be and what squad would I need.

I've got 2 zetas chars : Veers and Cody. Veers is for Arena, I use him under a Thrawn lead to get sure I'm gaining TM in a lot of circumstances : killing, debuff and resisting debuff.
Cody was for LS missions and also for Raids, as many players.

But here I am, getting a zeta soon, and not knowing on who to put it. I'm thinking of putting it on Vader, as I could g11 him but I'm not sure of this. I would run him with DN, Thrawn, DT and Shore but Shore, DN and Thrawn are at 5*, so no G12 possible.
I could put TFP instead of DT but I would mean that I can't prevent Counter attacks, TM gain, can't put Deathmark or stunning a rebel with a basic attack and I'm wondering if enemies would gain speed up if they were immune to buffs ?
Also, I'm not sure this is meta, where my troopers seems not to be but are actually since they have so many ways to gain TM, to strike harder and to heal themselves.

The other option would be to invest on rebels. I've got CLS with the event, I could g9 or 10 him and with him I have a G10 Ben, G9 R2 and then many possibilities to invest on : Ezra, Zeb, Jyn, STH and Chirrut.

So as many did before, please help me choose for something I'm not sure of.

I don't consider raids since I have solo phase 2 and 3 of Hpit (which is enough for me) with Teebo (L), CLS, Rex, Jyn and QGJ (all g8 except Rex g10.


  • Raid Han is really the only thing on my mind...

    R2 is incredible. My best zeta decision by far.
  • Also a ton of value in going all out on CLS obviously. My zeta advice is to try and think ahead as opposed to chasing toons that have already had their day in the sun. Plan on a team that is obtainable and would be a boost from where you currently place in arena. Vader isn't that, imo
  • I recommend zFinn if you have a decent Resistance team. My best and most valuable zeta by far. Returns in GW, Arena, both Raids, and all PvE that they can fit into (cantina, LS, DS, separatist event). I have ussd them everywhere and continue to do so :)
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    Otherwise, make the transition to Rebels. The only viable Empire lead right now is Thrawn in my opinion. And I'm convinced that he is best only when paired with at least two non-Empire toons (GK, DN, CLS, R2).
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