What's guilds for?

Like. What are guilds for?? Can someone enlighten me on this please?? An how can you acess them is it just on this website or is there a game feature?


  • It has not yet been implemented. People are just starting up early to build a base of friends...like minded individuals whom can share information within the game or eventually build a winning team & culture when guilds is eventually implemented.. Many diverse groups you can choose from to suit your needs, or you can just chillout & wait.
  • Oh okay. But does it have a guaranteed spot?
  • Reyia
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    At the moment it's only on the website and not a game feature yet. It will be implemented at a future time. As @Jaqenhgar said, a group of people already formed guilds and already have a headstart with addition of allies and daily discussions in line chat. There is no guaranteed spots and each guild has own set of rules. Better get in early while there still have spaces.
  • Oh okay thank you both
  • No worries @DATSBUllCrAPMaN . Hope you find what you are looking for.
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