Join us on our final steps to heroic AAT

Hi there, I'm an officer in our fun guild. most members together since the start and we are on the final steps to taking on heroic AAT. We've had a philosophy of helping each other get stronger as we go. Sitting 40/50, if anyone wants to join us on the final steps, most welcome.

Guild Name: Templar
LINE id: FerLandrossa
Ally code: 798-757-967

Guild numbers: 40/50
Guild membership: We are a diverse bunch, most members from Australia and Malaysia with a few from North America

Aim: have fun. help lower level members gear up and get raid han. Guild about to take on heroic AAT.

Currently: clear rancor heroic raids easily. Run 2-3 per week. We vary start time to accommodate international members. We have a 24 hour zero damage period. More powerful members of group often choose to score only zero on rancor raid to help others in guild with growing stronger. We're about helping each other get stronger. We are clearing normal AAT very quickly and are on the verge of taking on heroic AAT once one of our other officers gets back from a break. Only requirement is play fair with raids and log in frequently. If away for a while, just let us know.

We are looking for: Anyone! If you have a strong line up and want to join a guild that is about to clear heroic AAT you are most welcome to help the cause. If you only have a handful of 7* toons but want to gear and level up quicker, so long as you play fair with the damage periods, again, you are welcome.

Most of us have been playing together as a guild since the start of guilds. Friendly chat. Please join us as we take the final steps in becoming a heroic AAT guild.

Fer landrossa (officer)
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