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"With the new update that just got released, we finally have a lot of answers and I've broken them down in my above linked video!"

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  • Made it halfway through.

    At first I wondered if the battle playing in the background had something to do with Territory Battles, because it seemed odd that the opponents were not Empire in a Hoth invasion event.

    It quickly became clear that these were nothing but a distraction. If you're just making an audio podcast, make an audio podcast - it saves bandwidth for everyone. Moreover, if all you have are your words interpreting the devs' post and the same screenshots already posted by the devs, this is really a waste of time. We've already gotten the devs' post itself, and we're all just as competent to break it down.

    What we need are video clips of the things other than the battles - we know how to fight. We don't know how unit allocation is going to work (at least not precisely) and what they've said about points and stars is incredibly vague.

    Call me when you have video of a a squad scoring enough Territory Points to increase the star count for a particular territory, or video of actually deploying toons and how we will be able to look at opponents and/or mission requirements to make intelligent decisions about which toons might be necessary in a particular territory.
  • This is an amazing amount of detail for something still weeks away. Enjoy it. We'll get far more detail on the specifics in the coming weeks as the time approaches.
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    This video seems inaccurate.

    First mistake. The 3rd Phase has only 3 segments NOT 4.

    Second, This video says everybody will finish the TB, this doesn't sound correct-
    If a Phase does NOT get completed, it is repeated. So for example, if a guild doesn't complete Phase 1, it is repeated 6 times (12hrs x 6 = 3days)

    OR it is repeated infinitely until finished thus more than 3 days ( indefinitely).

    This video makes it sound like the latter. But the Dev Notes, sounds like the former.

    Like a Raid (non-heroic) can last forever, until boss is killed.

    OR its like a heroic raid where it ends in 3 days.

    If this TB is like "GW" - where you can sit on the same map indefinitely, I suppose this make sense.

    The question is how often the event occurs. A fast guild that finishes it in 3 days immediately gets to start a new one when the last phase ends.
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  • Frustratingly poor-quality explanation of how TB will work. The narrator deploys a number of terms -- phase, territory, segment, stage, area -- and then uses them interchangeably until the viewer is utterly confused.
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    Actually I myself could do the same: making a video showing you how good or bad I'm at fight while reading a post.
    Useless video (correct me if I'm wrong)
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