xJedimindtricksxG2 - looking for 4 active players no level limit.

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xJedimindtricksxG2 is in search 4 new members to fill out our roster to replace some who took cheap shots on the rancor.
Who are we - We are an offspring of a guild running both heroic raids. Until recently we were getting some assistance in Heroic Rancor from our parent guild, but have been doing it on our own for a month. We run Heroic Rancor each Monday and Thursday launching at the guild reset (7.30pm eastern), and normal AAT, completed in 2-3 days. Rancor we send in 1 person (rotation) to solo p1, then it is a 24 zero damage for over level 80, under 80 are free to hit away to take advantage of the door.
Guild requirements - follow rancor rules, and game activity, that is it.
Feel you want more, we do use LINE app for general game chat, and share what we learn, and can also tap into our parent guilds line group for advanced advice. Although it is not compulsary, we do encourage the use of LINE and swgoh.gg as both are a helpful resource.
We welcome players of all levels, currently we have 21 who are 85, 19 between 70 and 84, and a few in the 20 to 50 range. We have regular gear gifters to help our new players gear up easier.

So, if you are currently in a floundering guild (been there) and want a change, you can either message me on LINE (search Bacon Ears) or look up my ally code 745-686-479, and ill send you an invite.

Thanks for reading.
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  • Looking to replace some players evicted for hitting the rancor in the zero damage period.
    Our only game requirement from you is have fun, it's a game, not a job.
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