Advice, suggestions for next character swap

I wanted some opinions on which character I should swap out for a 3☆ luminara

Im currently running:
4☆ Chewy
4☆ Dooku
3☆ Jedi Consular
4☆ Talia
4☆ Darth Sidious

I was thinking I should swap Talia for Luminara for Galactic war, and Chewy for Arenas. Thoughts?


  • For galactic war, you will end up using all available chars that can stand a few hits so Talia and Luminara are both needed (and use the retreat button if you havent). Swapping chewy is ok in my opinion. But in defense, may be swap Talia, it s kinda 50/50. Depending on which chars you invested more mats.
  • Keaven
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    Dooku. He will start holding you back if not already.
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  • Thanks for the advise guys. I wil consider all of it
  • I think Dooku is still okay for mid level 40s nuke in arena...after that..I am not so sure.
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