Rex Leader Bug

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So after switching my team from Rex to Luke I did some fights. Starting of with one crit from Han, cool 7,5% TM for the enemy. The hole team goes before me and there 60 speed difference. After watching this a few fights I think there are some issues with the amount of tm they gain. If some more people can test this or a dev takes a look on this. So I can be sure there is no bug. If the lead is not bugged, I would say he needs a balance update.


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  • Since you're running CLS....did any of your toons counter and crit once your opponents toons started going?
  • crzydroid
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    Could you provide more detail on complete team comps with full speed for each character, and exact sequence of events?
  • evoluza
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    I know when my toons counter and crit that they gain 7,5 tm, but you know how small that gain should be. There also no aoe. Only Han's double shot.
    My team is Luke, Zolo, R2, Kenobi and Thrawn
    Enemies Rex, Nihilus, kenobi, R2 and luke/thrawn
  • evoluza
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    Seams like they get the 7,5% and then they have on there turn also an tm boost. Can't say it exectly, because the TM bar jumps to fast.
  • 7.5% tm gain is equivalent to giving a 200 speed toon an extra 16 or so speed.

    Like @crzydroid said though, need exact details on your speeds and your opponent's speed and order of events in order to try to figure out what is happening.
  • scuba
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    Did you not stun Rex first?

    Han stuns someone and crits
    Rex gains 15% tm since we'll he is a clone and all.
    That can easily push him in front of many other characters
    Rex takes a turn.. Oh yeah someone was stunned so let use squad discipline and give all non clones 35% tm.
    So yeah using Han solo against a Rex team can easily work against you.

    Edit: just saw Han double shot.
    That is 15% tm for non clones and 30% for clones if both shots crit
  • Stun Rex. GG.
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