Best GW DPS?

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I've completed Phasma and Lumi in GW. I was planning on getting Poggle up next, but since I'm farming QGJ I don't need Poggle. So, who comes next? Tusken Raider and Resistance Pilot both seem decent. I don't plan on making a droid team, so is IG still a good idea to farm?
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    My preference is Res Pilot, though 86 is apparently a pretty strong hitter, and can call an assist with his special. Honestly you would probably fine with either.

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    I like Pilot. I did Lumi to 7, Poggle to 4, Pilot to 7, Phasma to 7 (well 4* with 270 shards waiting on credits), and now working on 86.

    Most of the assist callers are my target priorities (exception Biggs).

    Pilot is solid f2p dps, but 86 is probably better for arena first turn burn.

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