Where is an official source for the game mechanics ect....

People just have answers for everything. Where is the source? I can't find an official site explaining things like "lower stamina cost cantina farm =higher ability Mats/shard drop drops but lower credits"...

Or energy stacking.... Or the matth behind a lot of the mechanics.

Instead of posting questions I'd love to just get to the source and get the knowledge from reading.

Anyone have this info? Thanks!


  • Jaqen_Hghar
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    edited February 2016
    If you google "swgohcantina" and click, you will find a lot of helpful information. I'm not sure if it has the mathematical answers to your particular questions, but it is definitely a good source to have bookmarked. It also gets updated quite frequently.

    In the meantime, the community has given Jesse a huge list of questions for the developers, many of which revolve around game mechanics. We are waiting on those answers. Hopefully they will come soon since this newest patch has been released (even though Developers never truly have a break after they release a new patch.)
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