Some f2p advise.

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I've been playing from last year's December (with a 3-4 weeks of total inactivity) and since the beginning of the year I play every day. Totally F2P, though I've been tempted to buy small amounts of Crystals every now and then. I'm 58 lvl with the core toons maxed (only lvl-wise). And, I'm still enjoying the hell out of this game (even though the latest patch has made it tougher). Maybe this is due to me being a SW fan.

But before I begin, I'd like to tell that I've spent a lot of time (and some real money) on a similar-ish game (Soul Hunters). It became more frustrating than enjoyable, so I decided to quit. BUT, I've learned a lot from it, and this helped me with SW:GOH significantly.

And now, some advise:

- that is kinda obvious, but you MUST make the most of your daily activities. Complete ALL the challenges, try to finish every GW, spend all of your regular and Cantina energy on gear/shards.
- Cantina. Don't waste your Cantina Credits on anything but Shards. Ability Materials look tempting, but you can get them elsewhere. And they are overpriced in Cantina shipments (IMO).
- Challenges. They are REALLY important. Note that each Sunday every possible challenge is available to you. Complete them all! They are not too hard you know.
- GW. This pays off a lot. Retreat when ANY character gets killed, be persistent, shuffle formations, use suicide squads. I complete most of my GWs. Sometimes I fail, and FeelsBadMan, but the next day I most definitely clear it.
- Captain Phasma and Luminara Unduli. They are good. Their shards come from GW. Buy them by all means. My Phasma is currently 6*, with 7lvl gear. Luminara - 5* 7 so far.
- Arena is tough. Don't be upset about it too much. Just finish 3 battles a day, and try to get above 2500 rank. Arena shipments contain a lot of good toons like Sidious.
- as you progress, some of the toons are better forgotten. Some of them (Ewok Scout, Sandtrooper, Clone Sergeant Phase I) I was leveling until the point I got the likes of Darth Sidious and Luminara Unduli. Now they are 40lvl (gear lvl 3-4), and I don't use them at all.
- however, some of the garbage characters you will unfortunately need to keep on a decent lvl, for the challenges that is. Hoth Rebel Soldier and Royal Guard I still use (for Support and Tank challenge, respectively), and they are 55-ish.
- don't try to collect every pokemon. Focus on maxing the core ones.
- if you have a spare number of Crystals, you can try the cheapest char pack, but RNG can be rough. I was lucky enough to get First Order Tie Pilot twice (thus making him 2*), and some useful shards.
- that being said, I think the best way to spend your Crystals is on Energy. But do it as long as it costs 50. The second best are training droids (IMO).
- try to buy all the equipment from the regular shipments store. This stuff is not too expensive, and it WILL come in handy in the future, you'll see!

I hope this helps someone, who's just starting/restarting.
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