Quick 'full mod set swap' suggestion - QOL

With TBs looming and the ever increasing need to swap mods between characters for optimisation in the rancor or AAT raids could a 'full mod set swap' option be developed?

I envisage the screens would basically look like 'target character icon from' and 'target character icon to' for whatever full set of mods you require.

It would have a 'Confirm option' and show the 'Total credit cost'.

This will mean quick full set mod swapping and save players so much time and effort, improving the quality of life aspect in the game.

Another benefit would of this would also enable us test the effect of a full mod swap without confirming it for credits which would be a really useful feature to get the best out our teams.

Costs for removal would remain the same as is currently.


  • Sunnie1978
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    Moving to Feedback: Characters
  • Yeah, they have this programming easily ready to make this happen because it's the same idea of making teams. They probably won't do this however.
  • GrantusMaximus
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    I've no idea why this was moved out when it's a generic discussion item unless it's just to hide away a suggestion that is trying to be ignored? It's not about characters it's about improving gameplay and quality of the game itself and functionality.

  • Spyda
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    I apologize @HGF69, it's actually probably better suited for the Gear and UI feedback section, so I will move it there shortly.

    I would love to see a feature like this get implemented into the game, and there is a much better chance of your recommendation getting into the right hands, when it is posted in the right place. In this case, you are offering feedback about the game, and in particular, about a new UI screen that many of us would like to see implemented.

    The General Discussions section is intended to be the home primarily for chatter that pertains to recent events, updates, and/or news.
  • Thanks @Spyda

    I guess I'd just like it to be seen because more people read the main Discussion and I reckon this one would get a lot of backing. It may never get noticed.

    Appreciate the positive feedback tho
  • I would really like this. Yeah, seems a lot like creating teams you can load. I have some good mods, but not a ton of them, and while I'd still strive to get more, I expect I would use this feature a lot in order to get the most out of what I have... without having to write up charts in spiral notebooks about whose mods are being temporarily moved to whom for some event or another (I just recently got Farmboy Luke kitted out sufficiently that I don't have to borrow a bunch of mods from other characters to do the Flash event).
  • I never even thought of Flash events - wow it would be so handy there too.

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