Best Phoenix Team for TB

What are the consensus best 5 Phoenix members for upcoming TB. I don't want to take them all to g11.



  • If it's 6 waves, I'm leaving out Sabine. Ezra is my heavy hitter and the others all have healing synergy.
  • Hskull55
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    If it's 6 waves, I'm leaving out Sabine. Ezra is my heavy hitter and the others all have healing synergy.

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  • Boo
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    Sabibne is the weakest link!
  • Hera lead for sure, most people let chopper on the side.
  • Yea I like chop over Sabine
  • It really depends in what they put in the mission. If there's some high defense dudes, you may need Sabine's armor break. But in general, yes, all characters but Sabine is better for long battles due to healing synergy.
  • Thanks guys
  • Meh. If it's like the other combat missions we've seen you are going to take virtually no damage the first 3-4 rounds anyways. Also, the best defense is a good offense.
  • If Chopper is really better then it's too bad my Sabine is G11 and Chopper is level 1 with no gear.
  • benacrow
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    Imo, here's the breakdown. You need Ezra, because he's a beast and actually useful elsewhere.
    You need Hera because of the leader ability. Otherwise she'd probably be left out.
    Chopper requires no carbs. He's a shoe-in for anyone short on carbs (which is everyone but krakens).
    Zeb has a protection healing unique, plus daze on basic, which is supposed to be very helpful in TB.
    Kanan has a terrible and worthless kit for this (despite some prot gain), but his unique is basically required for a PS team.
    This leaves us with Sabine, who is just there for some damage. She is the best choice to leave out for those gearing PS from scratch.
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  • Kannan from G8 to G9 is the single worst toon I have ever seen. No, I don't have kenobi, but geared up thrawn/r2/CLS/and wedge(who also was tough 8-9).

    That being said, if(I never would) I were running them in arena, chopper would go. Any other game mode...bye bye Sabine. Her unique certainly helps Ezra, but the other four would do what, 500-700 more per attack?
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