Wish we had something to do when we are out of energy...



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    Thanks! I'm donating right now!
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    after the last update where they fixed events and now you get 8000 credits for 20 energy, do you really think they are going to release any energy-free thing? lol. They are not. They just want money money and more money. How do they get money? if we get want/need to play but we cant because we are out of energy
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    0.99c for 100 energy.
    CP make it happen. Better I will give you my checking #, both you and prince of **** can suck all the last cent lol.
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    I would love it if you could replay GW or extend it if you beat it, even for ZERO rewards. Endless play for free after you beat GW daily would be a good way to try out new team comps vs. reasonably high power teams we meet in GW node 8-12.
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    Tacitus wrote: »
    I agree, even if it's a testing like war room to test synergies. I'd be ok with no rewards.


    I don't want anything more that I 'have to do' every day. But a training/testing area would be nice.

    I have no way of knowing how my level 34 characters work together or if they are worth leveling. So for now I only use about 10 characters the rest sit there cause I can't afford 'wasting' the limited in game currency to test someone out.
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    Yes, we need a new mode to occupy us while we are waiting for all refills. This is what they need to take priority to give us
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    Pazaak table, anyone?
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    I would love to see more products in the challenges , either add a new one or make what's available with more missions, that would be awsome .
  • Rolf
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    Gurley30 wrote: »
    Pazaak table, anyone?
    Heck, yeah! Gambling for M6 hypo syringes!
    My ally code: 296-673-769. Wish we could have more than 35.
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    They could just create an event called "skirmish" where you get randomly matched up against a team of similar level for no rewards. Everything to do this is already in the game and it would have no negative impact on anything. I hope they do it soon.
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    Monkeyman wrote: »
    Anyone bored, please step outside. You might catch some sun. Meet a girl. Fall in love.

    RL is so overrated. Your advice can potentially lead to skin cancer, unwanted pregnancy, catching STDs or even worse marriage - which will seriously lower time available for games and later, after divorce, lower your available game money. ;)

    This guy has seen RL and he has survived. Heed his warnings.
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    I would like to see pvp battles against friends on ally list, and while were at it be able to send gifts , no reward needed for friend battles just kudos
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