Shard shop guess/wishes

Amassing alotta tokens, I see Fulcrum's in there now. Dunno if I wanna grind her yet. What are your guys ' guess and or hopes of the next toon rotation...


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  • It will ewoks next I think
  • With Guild Event Tokens as the new premium in-game currency, the value of the Shard Shop is naturally decreasing.

    It would make sense that prices come down, with maybe even the trade-in value oh-so-slightly increasing.

    Guild Store, GW Store, and Shard Shop needs a slight revamp in the form of additional slots. I'm sure a lot of people were happy, and has taken advantage of the additional slots available for purchase in the regular Shipments Store.

    Honestly, what's up with Grevious' Shard Shop pricing structure when he shows up in the Fleet Store 2-3 times a week? He isn't even a top tier nor part of a meta.

    I haven't bought anything from the Shard Shop yet, but I think at this point of the game, it's refresh timer should match the Fleet and Guild Stores.

    I know suggestions like these aren't even in their Top 10 to look at. But I'm curious what small change(s) could the Shard Shop do to make the fanbase a little happier?
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