Help with proceeding please guys!

Hi chaps, I'm fairly new to this game but have become quickly addicted! I have spent a bit of money of the Sith Pack and a couple of crystals (I'm also tempted by the Heroine Pack haha) and was just wondering how best to proceed with my PvP squad. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Working on the basis that I am level 32 and have bought the Heroine pack my characters will be:
Bariss 4* (and the other characters from her pack)
URoRORrrrr 4* (whatever his name is)
Chewie 3*
Dooku 3*
IG-88 3*
Jawa 3*
Resistance Pilot 3*
Talia 3*
Eeth Koth 3*
Leia 2*
Consular 2*
Qui-Gon 2*
currently in arena I run the following:

QuiGon - Chewie - Consular
Dooku - Talia

I know this is a decent start but I'm more than likely going to replace qui-gon as I can't farm him. I'm saving for Sid and was wondering who to go for from the Cantina? Who from the heroine pack should I add? MANY THANKS for all the help guys, it's massively appreciated

I know double posting is frowned upon but I listed my last post under the wrong heading, so I must apologise for that!


  • Jedi_Sherminator
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    gear up ur barris, dooku, consular, chewie first. then work on jaws and other toons u like for high DMG.

    bariss, consular, dooku, jawa, and whatever toon u like would be good team for u.

    keep in mind Talia is nice for dark side but its not good primary healer as it gets a HP reduction on heal.
  • You should surely go for Bariss.. She's one of the strongest healers in the game and has a health of a tank..
  • always get ur healers upgraded first followed by u tanks, then DMG dealers. works for me so far.
  • Thank you for the response! Are any of. The other characters from the Barriss pack useful at endgame? And moreso, are any of the characters I have/working on useful past level 45/50?
  • Thanks for the help guys. Admittedly I am hugely tempted by Barriss and the other 2 characters in the pack look nice too, particularly the other Jedi. I'm going for Sid and Luminara ASAP. Not sure who to get from cantina yet... What sort of team would I be looking at eventually?
    Sid(L), Barriss, Dooku, Luminara, and one other?
  • I just bought the Barriss pack -_- haha, so my current squad is:

    Qui-Gon - Barriss(L) - Consular
    Dooku - Asajj

    How is this looking?
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    Barris is nice but you'll find out quickly, around Lv 45, that she is super weak. After she uses her heal, she's pretty much useless for 5 turns.
  • Yeah, so what should I be looking at doing now to progress once I reach that stage?
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