GAME ISSUE: (9/1 - 9/5) Guild Chat STATUS

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UPDATE: 11:40 AM Pacific HOT FIX
  • Updating Guild Leader Boards for August
  • Territory Battles Phase 3 Bottom Territory (Power Generator): Special Mission requirement change: Hoth Rebel Soldier lowered to 5*: MEGATHREAD

We're working on server optimizations. Status updates as we continue.

UPDATE: We will be doing a client restart 8:05 AM Pacific.
Please prepare accordingly. Thanks!

Greetings Heroes,

We're aware that there are issues with:
  • Guild Chat
  • Territory Battles Guild Activity Feed

We're monitoring the issue and working on fixes.

Status Updates will be here.


Thanks all!
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    (This is a rubberband message stretching from 9/1 to 9/5)


    In our efforts to ensure Guild Chat is operating as intended please be aware:

    Guild and Territory Guild Contribution chat channels may require us to do client restarts at the beginning of OR within an hour of each new 24 hour change (6AM). NOTE: Highly recommended to wait until well after the above listed time to access TB.
    • This may result in the need for client restarts for each changeover.
    • We'll be respecting the top of the hour for PVP positioning.
    • Client restarts will not kick you from an active Arena or Territory Battle Combat mission.
    • In both cases it will let you complete, record your results then force you to restart.
    • We are doing this solely to ensure all players are updated to newest chat servers.
    • If we do an update for any other reason, we will call it out specifically.

    Our team is currently doing repeated testing over the weekend to rectify this issue.

    Please keep an eye on this thread as well as our Game Update status post with any status changes beyond those listed. Cheers!

    UPDATE 9/3: Activity display on completed TB zones is temporarily disabled. Your guild star and score progress will be updated, however the messaging on completed zones will read "Displays Guild Activity!"
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