Hoth Rebel Soldier Territory Battle Requirements - UPDATE 9/1/17

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I wanted to take some time to let you know that after extensive internal discussion, we have decided to change the requirements for Captain Han Solo and Hoth Rebel Soldier on the Territory Battle Phase 3 Special Mission node from 7-stars to 5-stars.
Let me explain why.
We often tune upcoming releases and features until the day of release. After the Game Changers previewed Territory Battles, we made some tuning changes. We did not communicate the changes we made to you (the players) or them, and we want to make sure that we support the Game Changers in their efforts. In the future, we will partner with them to make it more clear when footage is still subject to change.
However, because we did not call this out explicitly in advance, and we have to have the same star requirement for all required characters in one phase, we are making this change to both characters on this node. Hoth Rebel Soldier is a requirement elsewhere in Territory Battles, but a 7* version of him is no longer a requirement to obtain Rebel Officer Leia Organa shards.
I hope it’s clear that we do listen and, while it is not always possible for us to explain every detail of our decision-making – nor follow every suggestion or point of feedback provided by the players -- we do strive to strike a healthy balance and explain the things we can. We are deeply invested in our community and appreciate the support and loyalty. We work to honor this relationship and appreciate your ongoing commitment.
We hope you enjoy the remainder of your Territory Battle, the holiday weekend (those of you in the US), and we’ll see you on the Holotables.
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