Counter team with offense up

Is anyone running poggle with fives, dooku or any other combos of high counter players, that will utilize the offense up boost on counters?

With the whole world going with AI players that spam AOE, I bet this is a nice way to sneak some damage up before your turns. I can imagine Sidious, Phasma, and Kylo Ren doing some serious damage to themselves.

Before I invest in Fives, I was wondering if anyone has seen this in action and have opinions?



  • Zen
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    I have phasma fives dooku qjg and kylo ren.. I was thinking of doing exactly what you're thinking. Unfortunately, only just unlocked both Ren and dooku so it will be a while before I can properly test this.
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    FOST also has some counter ability
  • MenaceTEC
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    I got Fives from an early chromium pull. At low
    Lvls his slow ability is awesome. I will use him at times in arena and he is very useful for GW.
  • Qeltar
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    I played with a counter team a while back, which was Phasma, Dooku, Fives, Kylo and Lumi for heals. It is not likely to be effective in this meta. I read someone on the subreddit talking about combining tanky counter-attackers with Poggle, that could be interesting, but my Poggle is currently level 3. ;)
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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    Even with poggle counter attackers do so little damage. I have
    Dooku 5 star lvl 70 and gear viii
    Fives 7 star lvl 70 and gear viii
    Kylo 5 star lvl 70 gear vii
    Poggle 5 star lvl 70 gear viii

    I have tried this with 7 star lvl 70 sid or phasma as leader. Just not enough damage.
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    I have an awesome sith team basically that counter team u talking bout gives me most issues
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    I see Dooku countering me all the time for double 3-4K hits.

    Fives also adds slow which is insanely useful. And mine hits well for low stars.
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    I tried this build again after reading this thread. My leaderboard from early december is very stun centric. Many teams in top 20 have dooku and daka. If poggle gets stunned and or focussed down there is too little damage. In my tests poggle was stunned in 3 out of 5 battles.
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