What was you Guild GP to Stars relationship?

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Ours is a 50+M GP guild and if we correct for learning mistakes, we should be doing 23/24 stars. I'm wondering if that's below, par or above expectations for such a power. Ideally, I would love to have a GP to stars curve (pretty trivial statistics).
I'm not asking guild's names or anything, just data points. If you see that you forgot to deploy, or most people followed the tutorial and deployed before combat or such, and you think you should be doing one or two stars above, tell me what you honestly think you should be doing.


For now I'm getting a base of 5 stars plus roughly GP/3.
Actual data is Slope 0.345 and Intercept 5.18. At over 146 samples, this is becoming a very robust result. And this is the current graph of the data:


As you can see, it looks like straight line up to 40 stars or so. 40/41 seems a ceiling. But may be next run with the lessons learned and more discipline we could see even higher numbers! If we followed the linear prediction, 45 stars would require 115M GP. But I didn't run the numbers. It might require a bit more.
Also, if you are to the LEFT of the line, you are punching above your weight. If you are to the RIGHT, you could probably do a bit better. This is a very crude statistic approach. A more detailed analysis would probably explain a lot more. But things like Dark Side GP, Fleet strengh, player participation and even rare toons high starring for the Phase 5 and 6 platoons play a huge role that such a besic approach can not discern.

Thanks to @J7Luke for his spreadsheet (I did mine and got same results!!).
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  • 40M GP - we'll end with 16, but with proper coordination it could have been 18, maaaaaybe 19.
  • Kevern_Zaksor
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    62 million GP, 27 stars so far... We may end up at 28, depending on how today goes. I'll let you know. Honestly I think within 1 or 2 TB's we'll be getting 30 stars. Our GP is rising like hourly

    Edit: 28!
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  • 30 mil GP, 14 stars. Capable of 16
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  • 26 mil GP and bringing home 12* this 1st TB... should increse by 1 or 2 next time and hit 15* not to long after that.
  • My smaller guild just broke 17 million and only hit 10 stars.
  • 83mil and it looks like ~34.
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  • 51 Million, getting 22 stars but we lost two to communication issues
  • 100 million and I think we are going to get 37 stars
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  • 38 mil GP , 16* is ready, could be 1 or 2 more if some of our strongest member would be more active in phase 4/5.
  • Same here OP, my guild is right around 55 mil GP and we will finish with 24 or 25.
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  • 32M GP and 16 stars, probably 18 with better strategy. But the GP to star ratio will be effected by platoon strategy. If everyone farms Bhodi and Lobot and whatever toons to seven stars for platoon placement but doesn't gear or level them, you could see the star count climb while the GP remains fairly static...
  • Guild power was ~8.5 million at the start. Right now we are at approx 9.5 million.

    7 stars as of this morning, but I thought we would be lower. I don't think we'll make it to 8.
  • 60+...we are at 24, maybe maybe missed one due to communication
  • Really proud of our guild!
    32m GP and we scored 16 stars, could have been 18-19, which we'll correct the next time.
  • 50 millions gp and 21 stars... if all active and coordinated 24 for sure
  • 109m, looks like 40 stars, slim chance at 41...
  • DarkstarSunrise
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    28M at the start of TB and 13 stars.

    Aiming for 15 starts next go.
  • 60M GP at 26 stars. Possible 27.
  • 36m, currently at 16 stars, but we should get at least one more, maybe a second if our ship deployment is high enough--we certainly won't get any ship platoons done, though.

    I think we left two stars on the table from misallocation (thought we could 2* both territories in phase 2, we wound up getting reeeally close, but only 1* each).
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  • 38 million, 16 stars (be very close to getting 17). Will be around 20 next time with right tactics and game stability (lost a few goes along the way, most noticeably in phase 1).
  • 58m for 26*
  • 108 million, with 40 stars being a real possibility. We executed our plans each phase perfectly. Meaning, we literally can't do better at this point.
  • 84mil should end with 32 stars.
  • 78M will probably get away with 31*. Assuming perfect run we could get 34-35
  • 68 mil and will finish at 28, should have 29 but had some deployement confusion in an earlier phase
  • 70+ mil and we are at 27 stars with a very good chance to hit 28 before reset.
  • Sev74907
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    100mil and should finish with 38*. Some guild members whiffed on two territories so we could've gotten 40
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