Game Balance - Health

Is it just me or does the game feel much more balanced in the level 40 range when characters had more health and didn't get one-shot by half the characters in the game? Speed was good but it didn't always determine the success of winning. Your group compositions and the decisions you made were more meaningful. I like it when your characters at least have one turn before dying but it seems all too often one gets blown up before they even get a chance to go. Really limits the range of viable characters.


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    My only issue is Maul a lot of games I don't even get an offensive turn its kinda stupid
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    Yeah at 40ish I had Maul 5 starred and he was my key to beating everyone. Now at 57 I can't even use him. My arena shard is full of new people but what is "meta" has already taken over so my weird group compositions no longer work.
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    I liked the level 40 meta best. Tanks were useful and each toon got to at least take 1 turn.
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