Advice on who to use tier 3 ability mats on...

I have a lot of options at the moment. I use Sid, Lumi and Dooku mostly. I'm thinking of going Hindering Press to 7 (+10% multi) but wanted some advice, cause I can only pick one now. I'm level 67 btw. A lot of these are just boring +5% damage upgrades. In arena I usually use Phas (L) Lumi GS Dooku and Sid

Sid 7*
Deathstroke 5 -> 6
Demoralizing Blows 6->7

Lumi 7*
Flow of the Force 4->5

GS 4*
Aggressive Advance 3->4
Hive Tactics 5->6

Dooku 4*
Hindering Press 6->7
Force Lightning 5->6

Poe 4*
Challenging Shot 3->4
Resistance Bravado 5->6
Stand Firm 5->6

Phasma 4*
Onslaught 4->5
Victory March 5->6
Fullisade 5->6


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    The grind is long. Wouldn't worry about 3 ability mats in particular.

    Focus on specific characters you want to max and try to stay focused.
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