Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca and Han Solo FULL KIT and Gameplay


  • ExarTheKun
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    This hero is insane! Scoundrels might have a place in arena after these two are released.
  • These scoundrels will be useful... in credit heists.

    I'm ok with an Old Man Solo (been thinking for a while now he was going to come eventually), just not ok that he and now older Chewie don't have Resistance tags. If Old Ben gets a Rebel tag, these two need Res. tags.
  • Boo
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    Sorry but if we have Han Solo already in the game classed as Rebel - then we need another Chewie that is also classed as Rebel.

    The new Veteran Smuggler Chewie seen in this video does not have a Rebel tag. I understand that this is Chewie from E7 - and he only joined the Resistance at the end - so did Han and they were long passed being "Rebels", so I think a resistance tag is warranted on these guys.

    Secondly - Han can quite noticeable change his appearance - through age or outfit, but Chewie "looks" much the same as Clone Wars Chewie as already seen in the game.

    Chewie should have been released in a similar fashion to R2 - being tagged as Rebel & Resistance - especially as his physical appearance does not seem to really change. Not to mention I am sure he is going to play a larger role within the resistance over the course of E8 and 9.

    I like the name of Veteran Smuggler Han Solo, but Chewie should just be labelled as Chewbacca, and given the appropriate tags.
  • Credit Heists... I almost forgot about those, none this month so far
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    Also I think the power of these two will be game breaking - they just decimate a meta team in seconds.
  • Boo
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    Any news when these two are released???
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