New Arena?!?Question to all and EA/CG

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Dear guys and dear EA/CG,
What about a table/Squad Arena, where you can confront any User in this Game. No matter if android Or iOS. An Battle Event where you have one Week to Battle all User in this Game and not only in Servers??? And Different prizes/rewards to Motivate Players to Play The Game and dont leave it when it gets to Boring.
Pls Tell me your opinions Or suggest ideas.
Hopefully some Admins will read and give a Statement.
It is hard to explaine but, i mean a pvp Event. For all Players, where you can confront every other User. Its just like The pvp Squad but The only difference is, that you dont fight only against Peoples in your Server.No. My idea Goes to a pvp where you fight against all Players and get rewards for it. Just like a Big pvp Arena for all entriete Servers. I Hope you understand me of Not pls ask me!
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