Which character would you like to see added most?



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    I agree with zen. +1. Jango,boba,Rex,Cody,5's,all get to use their leader abilities.boom boom
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    Jaden all de way (kyle apprentice)
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    i can't figure out how to post a pic...

    So ignore my comment...move along...
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    @CL1NT_BEA5TWOOD OK, the Uncle Owen picture...priceless!!!

    I think they really need to add original heroes...Han and Chewy (the real ones), Jaba, that little rat thingy next to Jaba...maybe some Cantina scene characters: Hammerhead, the guy who has the death penalty on a number of systems, the guys in the band....ok I'm horrible with SW's names.
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    It's a travesty that Grievous wasn't in the release version of the game.

    Clearly he'll be a droid team god when they finally release him in a Yoda style event

    Don't let Grievous hear you call him a droid.
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    Nikoms565 wrote: »
    AdamW wrote: »
    We need Revan, for anyone who doesnt know his lore or hasnt played KOTOR. Your missing out and need to look this up.

    Yeah....ummm...no. I have and he is not all that. Sorry. Disagree. Give me Greivous...or young Obi-wan. Some of the non-canon stuff is cool (Ventress, Daka, Savage, etc.) but move on from Revan.

    Another thing is that the game is trying to capture "casual" Star Wars fans. People that only watch the movies or maybe even casually watch some of the Clone Wars stuff. Not people that have played every SW game ever created and read every shread on Wookiepedia. Revan only appeals to a niche (even if he has mass appeal to that niche).

    For the long time health of the game I think it makes more sense to introduce a majority of canon characters.

    Yet they have HK-47 in the game who is from KOTOR. And a bunch of insignificant characters like Eeth Koth, Dathcha, URoRRoR, etc. KOTOR is an awesome game and they need more characters from it. Sorry if you haven't played it, but people also haven't seen Clone Wars and they have a ton of characters from that show.
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    Nay CP30 is very missed with a Jawa counter
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