Levelling method?

How do you level your toons? Abilities and skills. Do you do one toon at a time? Do you keep your a team even in level. How do you do it?


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    Very carefully ;)

    Keep a small team as you level. It gets very expensive above 60 to keep a team leveled and starred.

    If you have a healer that you use in all game areas level/star them first for extra health which leads to more healing. After that level only as needed. Only move the skills up that you use on a regular basis and never level the leader skills of toons you don't use as leaders.

    I screwed up and leveled too Mann toons and now I'm broke and my entire team is more than 3 levels behind my team level
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    Focus on your 5 Arena characters exclusively and make sure those 5 can also pass GW then only invest small amounts in your reserves to be able to finish LS/DS missions and challenges.

    If you focus on 5, you should be able to keep all 5 of your characters even with your player level up until level 60+ when char XP gets steep.

    Abilities you want to rank up to reach the power spikes for each character. This varies greatly per character but usually Ranks 3 & 5 offer some really important utility on most character abilities. You can go to a site like swgohdb.com/heroes to see what the character abilities do at higher ranks.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I was mostly focusing on Lumi since she's a hard hitter and a healer also she was the first I got to gear 7 lol. But I wasn't sure how well it would do me to have her several levels above the rest of the main squad. I've been hoarding some stuff in prep for yoda so I didn't want to be wasteful.

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    How do you level your toons? Abilities and skills. Do you do one toon at a time? Do you keep your a team even in level. How do you do it?

    Generally when I get a new character I have 2 goals regardless of whether I plan to use them or not. The first goal is to get the character to Tier 4 gear. The second goal is to level them to level 40. The main reasons I do this is in case I decide to use them in the future they aren't at level 1 tier 1, and I can use them more effectively in a GW suicide squad.

    I have found the best way to level multiple characters at once without foregoing your main characters is to use all your 1* training droids on low level characters you want to level. Because these 1* training droids do very little at high levels but could mean 5 level ups for a low level character. I even sometimes only use the 2* training droids on low level characters because once a character hits around level 30 the 1* training droids become less effective. Then I still use all my 3* and higher training droids on my high level main characters.

    As for the gear well I find the majority of the time I already have the gear pieces to upgrade their gear to tier 3 without specifically farming pieces. In fact sometimes I have all the pieces to almost get them to tier 4 with just 1 or 2 slots that require farming.

    Finally the abilities, this one is tougher because some ability mats are very sparse. Most of the time I try to get them to ability level 3 in all abilities with the exception being if an ability is worthless I ignore it. I may not do this right away though like I do leveling and gearing. I also generally try to avoid spending purple ability mats on low level characters unless I plan to integrate them into my arena team or one of my main GW teams.
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