Those greasy cheeseburger walrus' at ea took away the ability to sell items?

Lol what a joke. Only a matter of time before this game completely flops


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    Never even used that feature lol
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    Never had a greasy walrus cheeseburger lol
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    Please take a look at the update:


    Sell button / screen removed
    We removed the Sell Screen, and ability to sell items, from the game. This decision was made for a few reasons.
    First, the replacement of Mining Droids with credits removed the item that people sold the most.
    Second, with the improvements to gear details, players can now see how many of an item exists in inventory, a primary value of the Sell screen.
    Finally, we were noticing that players were often accidentally selling items, leading to a negative experience.
    We realize some players sell gear and xp bots purposefully to earn credits, but we feel this is a better experience for the majority of the playerbase.
    Any player that had a mining droid in the inventory will receive an Inbox message granting the credit value of the droids.
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