SPECIAL FORCES, guild on the edge is recruiting!

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We are a fun but focused guild recruiting for the last few spots to replace inactives while we work towards finishing HAAT

Guild Requirements:
  • "line app" must be a member in our announcements room for instructions for raids. we have a casual chat room that is not mandatory but alot of fun.
  • Announcements and directions made in line app must be followed
  • team players only (ie. gear donations)
  • report any extended leaves to an officer. Removal from the guild may occur for inactivity
  • sync to www.swhoh.gg

Daily guild activity minimums
  • 600 guild coins every day
    *we have a "3 strikes your out" type of system but each infraction is dealt with on a case by case basis.*
  • Galactic war do you best! on that day
  • PVP 5 battles on PVP day
  • 10 daily challenges on daily challenge day

Raid Rules:
  • follow directions given in line app announcement room
  • failure to follow announcements may result in removal from guild
  • all raids unless otherwise announced start at guild reset, and start with a 24 hour no damage period so everyone can get in on rewards.
  • active daily
  • can handle above rules
  • have minimum 1million GP.
  • want to be part of a guild community.

if interested please contact our recruiter (lady jedi) in line app. her user is ladyjedi13.
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